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Last page of the July 2020 Thompson Free Library Newsletter. TFL staff, board member, and volunteer share how they kept sane during Maine's COVID stay at home order.

Like most of us during the stay-safe-at-home closures, Patrick Myers is balancing needs at home with those of his workplace. And in Myers’ case, as executive director of the Center Theatre, that workplace is well known to anyone who enjoys taking in…

Agnes Totherow, age 82, lives alone and has needed a hip replacement for months. Throughout Maine and our nation, there are people with limited resources stuck in their homes, worried for their families and having a hard time paying for the food and…

Half-way through Episode 3 of my new podcast. One of the good things for me about this “shelter in place” lockdown is that it drove me back to writing after a 3-year-long writer’s block.Boomer Monologues:

Simple Sourdough.pdf
This instruction manual was created by my sister Emma for family and friends who she has shared sourdough starter with. Learning to make homemade bread has been one of the benefits of staying home more and shopping less. It also helps me feel close…
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