How Did We Keep Our Sanity While Staying Safe at Home?


How Did We Keep Our Sanity While Staying Safe at Home?


Last page of the July 2020 Thompson Free Library Newsletter. TFL staff, board member, and volunteer share how they kept sane during Maine's COVID stay at home order.







Thompson Free Library Quarterly Newsletter, July 2020, p. 7


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Val: Speaking just for myself, of course... How does someone keep what they never had in the first place? I listened to audiobooks and knit the most complex patterns I could find and never really noticed the time go by. Made several things and never bothered to block them, just put them in a pile and started other one--it's not about the having, just the doing. (She also sewed cool masks for people, like this one she made for me. --KB)

Michelle: My Zoom meeting doodles. I create doodles while I listen.

Phyllis: How I spent my Covid-19 staycation...

Tom: The pandemic has coaxed me back to writing in an unexpected way: "podcasting." writing my memoirs in "episodes" and recording them as 'Boomer Monologues' (in my high-tech "sound studio tee shirt closet"). You can tune in to my podcast at this link:

Greta: Working on my small (but growing) garden has been fun. I dug up the yard by hand and bought veggie seedlings from Ripley Farm. I also planted some flower seeds and had some gift plants--including lemon thyme (smells so good!) and rhubarb from Ellie Leary.

Pat: I'm not sure I kept my complete sanity. I still struggle from time to time, but I tried limiting exposure to network news and substituted calming vibes from Mozart, J.S. Bach, and some of Vivaldi's music. Also, my knitting always brings me peace, and Dan's sense of humor has lightened up many "dark" days.

Kim: Think I agree with Val & Pat. That grip is tenuous at best these days, but I digress. Watching backyard creatures & wildlife & walking in the woods has given me some peaceful moments during this trying time.



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