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Information from the Town of Dover-Foxcroft Elections Team about voting in the November 3, 2020 State of Maine General Presidential Election.

Center Theatre marquee message on a snowy Election Day: "Your Future / Now Playing / Go Vote."

Burned hearts for Mainers who have died of COVID-19, seen on Main Street in Orono.

Sign seen on Route 6 in Milo: YARD SALE / July 31 / Aug 1-2 / 9-5 / MASKS PLEASE

Marilyn Wyman sits on the porch of her farm stand Summer 2020. She participates in State Senior FarmShare as well as the Piscataquis Regional Food Center program FarmShare for Homebound Seniors.

Half-way through Episode 3 of my new podcast. One of the good things for me about this “shelter in place” lockdown is that it drove me back to writing after a 3-year-long writer’s block.Boomer Monologues:

This poem corresponds to a moment where I realized that I was sweating crimson when working and wearing a naturally dyed turmeric shirt. We were a month or so into the pandemic and the metaphors and symbols were too good not to acknowledge. It was…

Feeling really grateful for the privilege to work from home. And would you look at that CAT? Grateful for the most adorable office view. PRFC has some exciting content to share this week, so stay tuned. In the meantime, we're remembering the simple…

Information about what will be different at the Penquis Higher Education Center in the fall of 2020.

Pumpkins painted with face masks. The sign reads: "Please! Wear a mask. We do."
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