Piscataquis Valley Fair Facebook Posts


Piscataquis Valley Fair Facebook Posts


Many people look forward to attending the Piscataquis Valley Fair, held annually in August. The 133rd fair was postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These Facebook posts ask what people will miss the most this year.





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July 17, 2020

Piscataquis Valley Fair: What are you going to miss the most this year, the rides, the music, the food, or an event like the ox pulling or demo derby?

Piscataquis Valley Fair: All of the above!

Darlene: We love to camp at the camp grounds and make all the events but I do think demolition derby will be a big miss and the horse shows

Anna: Going to miss it all! :(

Shannon: My fair people.

Deborah: The whole thing it is a great family event that we look forward to every year

Taylor: All of it!

LeAnn: Stans Fries!!

Michelle: Everything

Mary: North Country Riding Club Horse show!

Norm: tuff trucks

Judy: Everything!!!!!!!!

Nancy: Food

Janice: Demo derby

Dale: Flower show, food, animals

Allysa: The Demolition Derby, the rides, the animals, and the food!

August 27, 2020

Piscataquis Valley Fair: Today is what should be opening day 2020. What do you miss the most?

Patty: I was just telling my husband how strange it feels not to go to the fair this year. We are both 73 and been going now for 50 years.

Ashley: The truck pulls and food. My kiddo would have been tall enough this year for rides too I think so that stinks. The fair is my favorite.

Maaf: I miss everything! Good luck next year Maine fairs!!

Lou: Seeing old friends, the food, and all of what makes a great fair.

Michelle: Being able to go there n bringing the grandchildren to a great n amazing fair

Lisa: All of it from setting up and running around to relaxing with friends that have become family.

Sharon: Singing.

Lynn: Catching up with people, having fair food, watching the kids go on all the rides, and looking at the displays.

Katie: All of it... the smiles and laughs and fun my kids have there.

Darlene: Fair food, seeing people I haven't seen all year.

Norm: Tuff trucks

Judy: the smells and sounds and people!

Kelly: Horse pulling

Karen: Bingo! and being in Maine.

Dawn: Demolition derby lol

Ainsley: The horse show and the zipper

Samantha: I know a couple people missing their annual trip to the Fair and Fire Museum!

Kelly: Seeing people I haven't seen in years.

Damian: Scrambler and fried dough

August 29, 2020

Piscataquis Valley Fair: Lots of comments about missing the fair food this season. What food will you miss the most?

Leanne: Maple Cotton Candy

Piscataquis Valley Fair: Leanne, you can get that at Bob’s Sugarhouse on E Main St in Dover all year long!!

Becky: Corn dogs, cotton candy, curly fries, fried Oreos… pretty much all of it.

Sherri: French fries and burgers

Sharon: French fries and dough boys plus cotton candy

Darlene: Dough boys and sausage sandwiches

Jen: The animals and our fair family <3

Hilda: I always liked supporting the local fire departments’ burgers/hot dog standardized

Rosa: Blooming onions

Natasha: Blooming onions

Benjamin: Hearing Dan call the pulls on the loud speaker.

Jackie: Stan’s fries and hot sausage on the hill

Danielle: Stans fries

Crystal: Sausage and french fries and Doe Boy

Allysa: The local fire department hamburgers, the strawberry smoothie with some lemonade mixed in (end of the day leftovers) from the stand my cousin runs every year.

Char-lin: Blooming onion. And fried veggies!

Kate: Blooming onion and the doughboys.

Maaf: Fried food and cotton candy

Deborah: Dough boy

Ivy: Doughboys

Karylyn: Candy apples

Terri: Blooming onions!

Lynn: Doughboys

Wendy: Italian sausage

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