Reflections on the Last Three Months/Planning for 2020


Reflections on the Last Three Months/Planning for 2020


Summary report of a June 8, 2020 meeting of Foxcroft Academy faculty members.







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From the desk of the Head of School

Reflections on the Last Three Months/Planning for 2020

The faculty members of Foxcroft Academy were so happy to be able to come on Monday, June 8th to reflect on the close of the second semester and start the seemingly impossible task of planning for the fall of 2020. Here are some major points that have come to the forefront.
  • At the time of writing this report, 101 out of the 114 seniors have met all the standards and requirements for graduation with 11 seniors very close to meeting their standards for the June 27th graduation (so there is still time for the seniors to be in good standing). This was due to tremendous effort on the part of seniors and teachers, especially during the transition from in-person to remote learning.
  • The number of students able to participate in the boarding program this upcoming fall is in question, though we continue to receive applications and undergrad students plan to return if they are able to do so. We have some boarding students staying throughout the summer to ensure that they are able to return to school in the fall and not risk being unable to return from their country. This past spring, we were successful in having 40 boarding students remaining at Foxcroft Academy, restricted to the campus for over 12 weeks avoiding exposure to COVID-19. Quarantining and testing are in the plans for the future to properly screen students arriving at Foxcroft Academy before they enter the school population.
  • At the writing of this report, it appears to be possible to have an outdoor graduation on Oakes Field where graduates and immediate family members will be able to spread out wearing masks in the outdoors. Graduation will be on June 27th at 7 pm with a rain date scheduled for Sunday at 9 am. Dr. Mark Stitham ‘68 is the graduation speaker with Mr. Wayne Strout as the faculty speaker. Clark LaChance is the salutatorian and Ethan Curtis is the valedictorian. Senior Tea will take place this Friday (moved from Thursday due to the rainy forecast) at 1:45 pm on the east lawn and front lawn keeping the size of the group less than 50 at each site. Chief Reardon has been instrumental in working with Foxcroft Academy in helping these plans become a reality.
  • There are plans in place to support students whose grades have suffered due to the abrupt change from inperson instruction to remote learning. Each case will be considered on an individual basis with teacher and parent meetings. This summer there will be a Special Education credit recovery program, thanks to RSU 68, a Foxcroft Academy credit recovery program, and in conjunction with Principal Gudroe, the Freshman Academy will take place in late July for up to 15 eighth graders that will need to meet unmet standards before starting their freshman year (this will be the fifth year of the Freshman Academy to help with the transition from 8th grade to high school with a very good track record). In the fall, students will have the opportunity to make use of the academic support program to also make up unmet standards.
  • Planning for next year is a very difficult thing to do as we are unsure of CDC and State guidelines. We hope that we will be fully in session with all students present (all constituents want this). If remote learning is mandated, both teachers and students have three months of experience that we will continue to build upon. Monday’s inservice was spent on developing our best guess of what the school year will start like. We are anticipating that blended learning will be the model in place. This is the combination of using online learning in conjunction with in-person learning driven by physical distancing that will still need to be in place. Safety protocols will include: daily screening as students and staff enter the building, everyone wearing a mask, cleaning routines during the day and after school. Protocols and procedures guiding hallway traffic, bathroom use, lunchroom seating, locker room use, etc. Many variables need to be considered in scheduling students on a twice a week schedule such as access to science labs, in-person assessments, hands on activities (welding, small engines, etc.), students who need in-person support, siblings who attend SeDoMoCha, limitations due to traveling on the bus, etc. As you can see there are a lot of considerations and we will be communicating throughout the summer including possible Parent Advisory Council meetings as we are able to firm up the plans.
I cannot thank the students, parents, teachers, and our community enough for their Herculean efforts in adjusting to and supporting student remote learning. Collaboration and communication will still be needed as we adjust to the possibility of a blended learning model where flexibility and adaptability will be a must. I think we all can agree that we are fortunate to live where we do!



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