Foxcroft Academy Letter, March 13, 2020


Foxcroft Academy Letter, March 13, 2020


Letter to parents and guardians of Foxcroft Academy students with news about the school's response to COVID-19 when the coronavirus was first classified as a pandemic.

The letter identifies the postponement and cancellation of some activities, and outlines plans to remain open as long as possible according to guidance from the Department of Education and Centers for Disease Control.








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March 13, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

I am writing to inform you of the latest news and efforts as the coronavirus has been classified as a pandemic. In writing this letter, I also understand that things can change quickly and we will use all of our social media platforms to communicate the latest information that may affect you and your students. In compliance with CDC recommendations, large group events are being canceled.
  • The Youth Wrestling Tournament that was scheduled to take place at Foxcroft Academy, tomorrow March 14, 2020, has been canceled.
  • Senior presentations that were to happen on Wednesday, March 18, 2020, have been postponed. Seniors, do not get excited as they will be rescheduled.
  • The Maple Sunday community breakfast scheduled for March 22, 2020, that was to be held at Foxcroft Academy is canceled.
  • The Maine Principals Association has delayed the start of Spring athletics until April 27th.
  • We will not do assemblies and will use the intercom system for announcements.
Foxcroft Academy has no plans at this time to close and will remain open as long as possible as per the guidance from the DOE and CDC. In the event that Foxcroft Academy does close for a period, we will use online instruction to continue student learning. Foxcroft Academy has the equipment, the expertise, and the tools to provide uninterrupted curriculum delivery and our faculty has been busily preparing for this possibility. We want the students to continue to have the opportunity to learn. If your family does not have access to the internet, please inform the Academic Office by calling 564-8351 and ask to speak to Ms. Weatherbee. We will make arrangements through the US mail delivery and/or telephone to support student learning. It does appear that free Internet may become available in the very near future. If this becomes necessary, more details will be provided.

During this historic time, flexibility is needed and Foxcroft Academy is prepared to offer the necessary flexibility to help our students. For example, attendance rules and protocols will be adjusted to support student absences for sickness or parental choice. The best practices that have been communicated for the past month of staying home if you feel ill, using proper coughing and sneezing techniques, washing your hands thoroughly and often, avoiding touching your face and eyes still apply, and now social distancing is recommended. As pseudo-parents to 70 boarding students, we have restricted travel of our students to be only in our region.

In difficult times in American history, we have always overcome major challenges by working together. This will be important for our community as we will undoubtedly overcome the Covid-19 pandemic by working together.

Thank you,

Arnold Shorey, Head of School



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