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Puritan Medical Products is building a 2nd facility to continue making coronavirus testing swabs. Cianbro owns the building on Main Street in Pittsfield and is renovating the building for Puritan.

Lawn signs congratulating the local 8th graders are seen around town. I love the heart image with the first names of all the students. Beautiful!

A photo of a sign seen all over town in homes and businesses to support the local high school (Maine Central Institute) graduates.

Signage on the post office door is a sign of the times.


Each full moon we place these braziers in the local pond to make "pond fire" for the community.


Love Is Love Final Mix 2.mp3
This is the MCI Concert Choir singing "Love Is Love" by Abbie Benitis. There were approximately 33 of the 63 choir members who submitted individual recordings of themselves prior to April vacation. I assembled all their voices to form the choir. The…

This beautiful girl of mine, my youngest, dealing with No graduation and no 18th b-day! Her birthday is May 2nd, Saturday, I’d like to plan something special for her! I can only hug her from a distance! I will be working an overnight in healthcare…

Since I didn't live here during the '98 Ice Storm, I hadn't experienced the constant popping and cracking you hear during an otherwise silent night; each pop or crack a tree coming down! We have two trees down in our yard, and another resting on our…


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