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Squash, potatoes, cereal, canned goods, milk and more are being packed in boxes today. These awesome volunteers are helping with a Mobile Food Cupboard in Dexter, sponsored this month by Northern Light Mayo Hospital. Drive-Through Distribution…

Getting a new program started can be challenging enough without running into a pandemic during early days. Libby Kain was hired as Recovery Coach Site Coordinator for Piscataquis County in December, working through Mayo Regional Hospital (now…

The team at Northern Light Mayo Hospital is getting ready for COVID-19, and they could use our help and support.

Sheila Grant talks with Marie Vienneau, president of North Light Mayo Hospital, and Dr. David McDermott about social distancing, hand…

Dr. Lesley Fernow shares a story about her first experience with crisis care in Piscataquis County for the Voices from HOME Emergency! Virtual Story Slam, recorded live on Zoom.
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