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While lives have changed dramatically during the past six months or so and many folks are still self-quarantining or at least have remained cooped up for far too long, the Guilford Historical Society will hold its annual Harvest Festival to break the…

Ruth Griffith speaks with Jason Curran about President Trump's visit to Guilford on June 5, 2020.

Not much happens in a small, rural Maine town that makes the history books. That changed on June 5, when United States President Donald J. Trump came to town to thank Hardwood Products/Puritan Medical Products employees who have been working 10 hour…

Photographer Roger Merchant shares an overview of the Flood of 1987 in Piscataquis County and reflects on our new community crisis, COVID-19.

From the Voices from HOME Emergency! Virtual Story Slam, recorded live on Zoom.

Flood of 1987.pdf
Photographs by Roger Merchant documenting the Flood of 1987 in Piscataquis County, including descriptions of the event and reflections on its community impact compared to the "current Flood of C19."
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