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Blog post from the Piscataquis Regional Food Center about the Wyman family and their farm in Milo. Includes photographs.

Marilyn Wyman sits on the porch of her farm stand Summer 2020. She participates in State Senior FarmShare as well as the Piscataquis Regional Food Center program FarmShare for Homebound Seniors.

It's Delivery Day! Rod and Merrilee spent the morning visiting with Marilyn Wyman while packing orders for our FarmShare for Homebound Seniors customers who live in the Brownville and Milo area. Marilyn is smiling behind that mask. "The eyes are…

Press release announcing the opening of the online Maine Highlands Farmers' Market, sponsored by the East Sangerville Grange.

As much as COVID-19 has complicated everyone’s lives, it has boosted business for certain niche industries, including local farmers markets.

Everyone is adjusting and learning new ways to move forward during these unusual times. Checkerberry Farm owners Jason and Barbara Kafka are no different.
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