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Childcare needs shifted rapidly in March as first, schools, and then many businesses, shut down due to COVID-19. Parents had to help more with children’s school work while also working from home themselves or putting in long hours at essential…

Writer Sheila Grant interviews a pet food and supplies store employee about what it’s like to be an essential worker.

The team at Northern Light Mayo Hospital is getting ready for COVID-19, and they could use our help and support.

Sheila Grant talks with Marie Vienneau, president of North Light Mayo Hospital, and Dr. David McDermott about social distancing, hand…

There are far fewer vehicles on the road these days, but the trucks are still rolling. From log trucks supplying manufacturers of toilet paper to trucks hauling components of COVID-19 tests and personal protective equipment to those keeping our…

A photograph of a sign on Route 6/16 in Sebec that reads "Thank You Everyone Still Working - Healthcare, Trucking, Postal, All Service Workers." As I pulled over to take the photo, Asplundh and Emera Maine trucks pulled up behind me--cleaning up and…

This beautiful girl of mine, my youngest, dealing with No graduation and no 18th b-day! Her birthday is May 2nd, Saturday, I’d like to plan something special for her! I can only hug her from a distance! I will be working an overnight in healthcare…
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