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Agnes Totherow, age 82, lives alone and has needed a hip replacement for months. Throughout Maine and our nation, there are people with limited resources stuck in their homes, worried for their families and having a hard time paying for the food and…

Steven Lovejoy does home repairs and maintenance, roofing, painting, snow removal, mowing and pretty much everything else. Lovejoy describes the impact of COVID-19 on his contracting business.

Message from Helping Hands with Heart calling for volunteers in the Maine Highlands region to assist their neighbors.

Message from Helping Hands with Heart asking Maine Highlands residents to reach out if they are in need of asssistance.

Message from Helping Hands with Heart and other community organizations thanking people for their efforts to keep the community safe, and information about reaching out for assistance.

During deliveries last week, a few homebound seniors requested masks. A few hours after we made a community-call out, and a source for masks was found. The very NEXT DAY masks were picked up and brought back to the homebound seniors. Marveling at the…

Signs of encouragement on the Guilford Center Road.
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