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Love Is Love Final Mix 2.mp3
This is the MCI Concert Choir singing "Love Is Love" by Abbie Benitis. There were approximately 33 of the 63 choir members who submitted individual recordings of themselves prior to April vacation. I assembled all their voices to form the choir. The…

Flood of 1987.pdf
Photographs by Roger Merchant documenting the Flood of 1987 in Piscataquis County, including descriptions of the event and reflections on its community impact compared to the "current Flood of C19."

Photographer Roger Merchant shares an overview of the Flood of 1987 in Piscataquis County and reflects on our new community crisis, COVID-19.

From the Voices from HOME Emergency! Virtual Story Slam, recorded live on Zoom.

The Voices from HOME Oral History Project hosted a live storytelling event on the theme "Emergency!" on Friday, April 17, 2020 via Zoom. Participants shared and listened to stories about personal and community emergencies, including emergency room…

Each full moon we place these braziers in the local pond to make "pond fire" for the community.


Signage on the post office door is a sign of the times.


A photograph of a sign on Route 6/16 in Sebec that reads "Thank You Everyone Still Working - Healthcare, Trucking, Postal, All Service Workers." As I pulled over to take the photo, Asplundh and Emera Maine trucks pulled up behind me--cleaning up and…

Simple Sourdough.pdf
This sourdough bread instruction manual was created by my sister Emma for family and friends who she has shared sourdough starter with. Learning to make homemade bread has been one of the benefits of staying home more and shopping less. It also helps…

A sign advertising the Sebec Reading Room's first-ever takeout bean supper, which will be held June 6, 2020.

Half-way through Episode 3 of my new podcast. One of the good things for me about this “shelter in place” lockdown is that it drove me back to writing after a 3-year-long writer’s block.Boomer Monologues:
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