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Two firefighters, Benjamin Fagan age 37 and his son Pierce Fagan age 16. Tired after a long night of hard work taking care of fallen trees during a big April snowstorm. This night ended in the morning with an electrical fire in a home. This snowstorm…

A photograph of downtown Dover-Foxcroft, showing the Center Theatre's marquee message "Stay Wicked Fah Apaht."

Tom Lyford shares a story about the Flood of '87 for the Voices from HOME Emergency! Virtual Story Slam, recorded live on Zoom.

Dr. Lesley Fernow shares a story about her first experience with crisis care in Piscataquis County for the Voices from HOME Emergency! Virtual Story Slam, recorded live on Zoom.

Since I didn't live here during the '98 Ice Storm, I hadn't experienced the constant popping and cracking you hear during an otherwise silent night; each pop or crack a tree coming down! We have two trees down in our yard, and another resting on our…

The Eye of the C19 Hurricane.pdf
An essay by Roger Merchant.

The library asked our community to put up rainbows. When people/ families are walking they can look for rainbows to see that we are all in this together. To spread hope, peace, connection and happiness.

This beautiful girl of mine, my youngest, dealing with No graduation and no 18th b-day! Her birthday is May 2nd, Saturday, I’d like to plan something special for her! I can only hug her from a distance! I will be working an overnight in healthcare…
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