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The Eye of the C19 Hurricane.pdf
An essay by Roger Merchant.

Flood of 1987.pdf
Photographs by Roger Merchant documenting the Flood of 1987 in Piscataquis County, including descriptions of the event and reflections on its community impact compared to the "current Flood of C19."

Simple Sourdough.pdf
This sourdough bread instruction manual was created by my sister Emma for family and friends who she has shared sourdough starter with. Learning to make homemade bread has been one of the benefits of staying home more and shopping less. It also helps…

Paul Schroeder reflects on his experience participating in a national test for the first polio vaccine as a second-grade student in 1954.

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There are far fewer vehicles on the road these days, but the trucks are still rolling. From log trucks supplying manufacturers of toilet paper to trucks hauling components of COVID-19 tests and personal protective equipment to those keeping our…

Everyone wants to make their fresh food last and to make as few grocery shopping excursions as possible these days.

Writer Sheila Grant provides tips on extending the life of food items, including fruits and vegetables, milk, eggs, and baked…

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Life has changed dramatically for families in the Piscataquis region, and around the globe.

Writer Sheila Grant profiles Christi Pingree, a behavioral health professional who took a leave of absence when her children's school closed.

The team at Northern Light Mayo Hospital is getting ready for COVID-19, and they could use our help and support.

Sheila Grant talks with Marie Vienneau, president of North Light Mayo Hospital, and Dr. David McDermott about social distancing, hand…
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