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Emergency Archive


Stories, images, audio recordings, and other materials documenting life in the Heart of Maine during the COVID-19 pandemic and other times of emergency and upheaval.




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It's Possible in a Pandemic
Whether it is desperation to play or a contrary commitment to “keep the music playing,” the Harold J. Crosby Community Band in Dexter, Maine made it happen during the summer and fall of 2020.

Preparing for Indoor Rehearsals
While the Dexter-based Harold J. Crosby Community Band has enjoyed practicing and performing outdoors this summer, evenings are getting cooler, windier and darker. Not wanting it to be “the day the music died,” to borrow from Don McLean, the band has…

This is a poem originally included with an installation. It was designed to depict a gateway made by two pieces of cholla, with candles in them, and attached to red cherry slabs with copper found on the banks of the Piscataquis River. The poem voices…

Working Girl
This poem corresponds to a moment where I realized that I was sweating crimson when working and wearing a naturally dyed turmeric shirt. We were a month or so into the pandemic and the metaphors and symbols were too good not to acknowledge. It was…

Piscataquis Valley Fair Facebook Posts
Many people look forward to attending the Piscataquis Valley Fair, held annually in August. The 133rd fair was postponed until 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. These Facebook posts ask what people will miss the most this year.

133rd Piscataquis Valley Fair Announcement
Website announcement of the postponement of the 133rd Piscataquis Valley Fair due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Fresh-air shopping supports local producers
As much as COVID-19 has complicated everyone’s lives, it has boosted business for certain niche industries, including local farmers markets.

Center Theatre Marquee Montage
Due to COVID-19 the Center Theatre temporarily closed its doors on March 16, 2020. While we were closed, we made our marquee available to the public. This is a small sampling of those messages supporting our community.

Masks on the Clothesline
Our school supply shopping started with masks. What you see are my son's and my masks just washed.

How Did We Keep Our Sanity While Staying Safe at Home?
Last page of the July 2020 Thompson Free Library Newsletter. TFL staff, board member, and volunteer share how they kept sane during Maine's COVID stay at home order.
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